Shabbat meals and services are held every weekend.


On Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat followed by dinner - featuring Israeli and traditional Shabbat delicatessen

and on Shabbat day Lunch will follow the Shacharit Service.



Friday night – for Candle lighting times click here. Service will commence shortly after canlde lighting time. A festive dinner is to follow.

Shabbat – service @ 10am, lunch 12pm

It is recommended to *contact us* in advance and tell us you will be coming.



Taipei Jewish Center has agreements with few of the surrounding hotels. For details click here


For those who are staying outside Taipei or in case of need, Kosher Shabbat meals along with Challa and wine could be delivered.

For details click *here* (restaurant/food order)



Although there is no set price for Shabbat meals, most of the guests would contribute according to their heat wishes.

A recommended donation for Shabbat is 100USD.