The nearest hotel to the Jewish Center is Fullon Hotel Taipei Central. We recently signed a contract with them to enable a special rate including 6pm checkout on Shabbat.

For those who are staying outside Taipei or in case of need, Kosher Shabbat meals along with Challa and wine could be delivered upon request.




Although there is no set price for Shabbat meals, most of the guests would contribute according to their heat wishes.

A recommended donation for Shabbat is $100.




Hotels near the Jewish Center (Between 2 and 10 minutes walk)


NT$800 – NT$1200

Daan Park Hotel

Dongmen Hotel

Dongmen 3 Hostel


NT$1800 – NT$2200

Rido Hotel

Dandy Hotel

ARK Hotel


NT$2500 – NT$3000 (closest to the Center)

Fullon Hotel

Sonnien Hotel



Howard Plaza

MGH Mitsui Garden Hotel


Service Apt:

The Corner House





One of the tough challenges one may encounter traveling in Taiwan is what to eat.

In a country of 24 million – out of which about 2000 Jews – is it quite natural that Kosher food is not exactly easy to find… nevertheless, there are a few imported products, mainly from North America, which bare Kosher Symbols.

IMPORTANT: it is mandatory to check for Kosher symbols before buying something. Not every American product is Kosher!


Kosher food:

The gorgeous state-of-the-art new restaurant at the JCC is simply amazing. Check here for menu and more details: